The drowning in front of Lampedusa expresses particularly brutal the face of the current major crises: Behind the drowning is the lack of perspectives of many young people, violent resolution of conflicts, anti-social organization of the world economy, growing gap between rich and poor, lack of solidarity in the states and between states, destruction of natural fundament of our lives! It hits the weakest first, and then more and more people! It is high time to change the direction and find common ways out of the multiple crisis! We need to find common solutions and we propose to tame up in local, regional and national Lampedusa-Initiatives: The world needs new energy for old values, as adopted in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which are increasingly pushed to the edge!



We present this proposal for discussion , for those who want to work together with us to get involved with this, it can be changed and is perhaps clearer if we break down the project to specific proposals  for the next months.

Initiative Black & White e.V.
Wolfgang Lieberknecht

Let`s form Lampedusa initiatives!

For many years ongoing dying of refugees in the Mediterranean has now moved into the public eye, it can not go on like that! Now it must be acted that the inherent right to life for everyone is protected!

After the boat accident with more than 300 death, the African Union  urged the African states to manage migration in a human way and work to overcome the reasons for migration. The African Union asks the international community to support this.

It proposes that the two issues , the handling of migration and overcoming the causes of migration should come on the agenda of the Euro-African summit  in April 2014 in Brussels. We should gratefully accept this proposal in Europe to cooperate on these issues.


We propose to all the people, who can and want to contribute that in Brussels the course will be changed to unite and network in the different cities and regions. They should share their knowledge on these issues, educate themselves more on it and work out the demands , which can lead to changes. The initiatives should talk especially  to people with connections to Africa and in the Middle East and in particular with migrants and refugees who know best why people flee. Where connections are available or could be created, the exchange of information and opinions should also be sought with people and initiatives in Africa and the Middle East. Experts should be asked to support. If possible, contacts with active groups in other European countries should be sought.

The Lampedusa initiatives should contact the parliamentary representatives of the constituencies in the country, the federal government and in Europe and discuss the proposals with them and ask them to bring these proposals to parliaments and parties.

Create Lampedusa network

The effect on the meeting in Brussels will be greater, if initiatives in many electoral districts in Germany and Europe work on the themes and make them in the regional public space and with the local deputies to a topic. We suggest that the groups who engage in their cities and region cooperate and support each other and tackle tasks together that benefit them all. That is particularly organizing current news and education and training of multipliers. Also, speakers and cultural activities could be provided for all centrally available. We suggest that those who want to build the initiatives and form network create appropriate medias together.

Make proposals of civil society in Brussels at the meeting public

Depending on our capacity we can create more contacts to groups in other European and African countries and perhaps also organize in Brussels in April public campaigns and perhaps an African-European-Civil-Society-Summit during which the civil society will present their proposals.

Submitting proposals on migration and Africa-policy in the election campaign for the European Parliament

In addition, the Lampedusa groups should bring their proposals in European election campaign in the events and promote decisions at the meeting that the European governments have been committed for the time after the European elections in the summer of 2014. The xenophobic parties will work in this campaign to strengthen this contest the foreclosure policy in Europe and to get on refugee policy more influence for right-wing politics in general in the European Parliament . Preventing this is therefore important not only for the refugees.

Who wants to work with us in this sense:

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We present this proposal for discussion, For Those Who want to work together with us to get involved with this, it can be changed and is perhaps clearer if we break down the project to specific proposals for the next months.

Black & White Initiative eV Wolfgang Lieberknecht


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