Initiative to create an International Lampedusa Solidarity Forum


The dying in the Mediterranean expresses so sorrowful the failure from us as world community to create a world in which all can live in peace and with human dignity. Aims which the states have promised in and after the second world war in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the Atlantic Charter and in the UN Charter. We now initiate the International Lampedusa Solidarity forum to make a change and to contribute to realize the big but necessary and possible vision to create an international order which is based on the will of the citizens with human rights for all. Let us organize information, education, lobbying and actions to initiates reform programs and create majorities for them.



initiated by the

Initiative Black&White

Wolfgang Lieberknecht, Eunice Oduro Bentum

Telephone: 0049-5655924981
Office: 37281 Wanfried, Bahnhofstr. 15




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